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Refund Policy

Mail House is a mail service provider. We print envelopes with addresses, affix postage, and deliver mail to the post office. We provide other services like printing, and package and parcel fulfillment.

Clients may use mailhousedallas.com website and their credit or debit card to pay for postage, postage deposits, or other products and services offered by Mail House.

Any refund requests must be made within 72 hours of posting on client’s card account. Refunds may be subject to price changes, recording or transaction fees, restocking fees, or other merchant processing fees.

Refunds may be given for deposits that were for overpayment of amounts due, postage deposited into Mail House’s postal trust account and unused for mail delivered to the post office, work Mail House did not produce, or some other reason Mail House deems necessary in its sole discretion.

Refunds WILL NOT be given for deposits made into client’s, or client’s customer’s, postal trust account regardless of reason or timing; for any overpayment of a deposit later applied to an amount due; work deemed to meet industry standards but falls below client’s expectations; any miscommunication between client and Mail House that cause client’s amount due to exceed their estimate or purchase order amounts; any postage that has been paid to USPS or for stamps purchased; any refund request made after 30 days of card transaction settlement; or any transaction involving allegations of a crime.

To receive a refund, client must request a card refund in writing by sending a comment by using the comment form found on Mail House’s website at: https://www.mailhousedallas.com, within 72 hours of the card transaction posting to client’s card account. Client must include their name, address, phone number, and a brief description of their refund request.

Approval of refunds may take a few days. The approval process includes making funds available if those funds were transfered to another bank, like the post office. Approved refunds will be initiated within 24 hours (1 business day) after approval by Mail House staff. Refunds may take 2-5 business days to appear in client’s card account.

Refunds will be issued only to the card account it originated from. Cash refunds will not be given under any circumstances. Certain ephemeral payment methods, like virtual card numbers, may require refunds via credit memo for future services or products from Mail House.

Mail House reserves the right to issue a credit memo for the dollar amount of any refund due for the use on purchases of future products or services from Mail House when another refund method is not feasible, and at its sole discretion.

Please call 214-373-8285 if you have questions.

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Mail House is a member of the CWA local 6150.

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